Some of you might know me from the music of DEBAUCHERY, BLOOD GOD or BALGEROTH. Welcome to my tabletop wargaming page. 


My first miniatures I bought with 8 years and I'm still a fan of all the monster stuff. I had to write my first rules for miniatures when I was 10 years old, because the Rogue Trader book was only available in English. My mother translated some parts of the background section of the old Tyranid Attack boardgame for me, but the rest I had to make up myself.

I always loved the art of Warhammer and I'm more than happy that the legendary Adrian Smith painted some of the creatures of the DEBAUCHERY Universe. I'm also very grateful to had the help of the mighty Graham McNeill - you might know him from Black Library. 


So here we go: Kings of Carnage is a miniature based tabletop game for two or more players. It is based on the Carnage Rules of 2010. Kings of Carnage is remade for battles with DEBAUCHERY miniatures.

You need some DEBAUCHERY miniatures or other cool monsters, a table, tons of scenery, dices and the will to kill. In addition to the rules of this page you need the army-list of your chosen warband. For a Death Match I recommend 1000 points or more, with about 3 to 5 creatures per side. For the Torture Pit every player needs only one model. 


Miniatures you can get in the BLOODSTORE; the rulebook is coming soon.


Cheers Thomas


Artworks by Adrian Smith & Thomas Gurrath. Rules and Universe by Thomas Gurrath. Additional Text by Graham McNeill. Copyright DEBAUCHERY 2019.  Special thanks to my tabletop wargamer friends for the help: Michi, Oli, Pussy, Stefan & Jannik.