Carnagers are found in all the different warhordes of the underworld. Rival demonic overlords use them as shock assault troops and heavy weaponbeasts in their endless battles. The mightiest King of Hell Skrathnikar Luziferon has 666 Carnagers at all times at the frontline. Carnagers are hard to kill, can use a great variety of weapon systems and are brutal close combat opponents. They are a warrior breed of vampiric demons and drink blood to regenerate wounds.

The „pilot“ of a Carnager is a ritually mutilated Vampire without arms and legs, inducted into the warmachine made of hell-forged metal and demonic flesh. A great many are disciples of the Cult of the Morticians. Maimed low-breed vampires are slaved to the weaponsystems.

Many Carnager demon engines are sewn together with living humans, violated virgins and screaming children. They are madness incarnate. Forget everything you think you know about Vampires. They are murder-obsessed engines of gore. Death is the essence of their life. They sculpt their vampire bodies with weapons and blades, the limbs a canvas for the art of murder. They stitch human skin to their demonic frame and wear their appendages as war-spoils on their spiked trophy racks.