A horde of bio-mechanically advanced super predators. They hate them all; mankind, vampires, demons. Even other dragons are hated with a fiery passion. They decorate their body-armour with the intestines of slaughtered vampires and produce nutrient cookies from humans in industrial murder-camps in South Africa and on their Hell Ships made of black metal. Their army is a synonym for a hard hitting assault force that offers no mercy and thrives on destruction. They are few in number, but bring the most brutal close combat specialists with advanced bio-plasma weapon technology to battle. Most are entirely bonded to their ancient biomechanical armour. Many follow Drakorgaur, the Red Dragon, the Blood God of Earth, but others fight in the Drakor-Legions of Balgeroth or are slaves to Demonic Overlords or fight on their own in small renegade battle-groups.